Fall, Injury and Infection Prevention

Prevent slips, trips and falls and the spread of infection.

beesafe clip holding yellow hospital cords and lines securelyWhen hospital or nursing home patients are unable to call for assistance, they often get out of bed by themselves. This often results in falls with injuries and possibly death.

Keeping IV, respiratory, monitor lines and cords off the floor helps to prevent the spread of infection to patients, frontline healthcare workers, caregivers, and first responders.

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How the Bee Safe Clip can help –  Bee Safe Clip Fall Prevention: Quality Improvement Project

fall caution sign with person slipping

Separation and clearance of IV lines helps prevent accidental pulling out of lines which cause bleeding, injury, and loss of IV access. IV restarts are painful and costly for the patient and facility.

Keeping lines and tubings organized also assists to prevent possible infections by keeping bacteria and other harmful substances away from the patients.

The Bee Safe Clip holds and secures the nurse call bell to bed rails, chairs and wheelchairs, bedside commodes, and more for easy access. The clip also helps alleviate fear for patients who feel as if they won’t be able to call for assistance. As the patient turns and repositions, a nurse can move the clip to allow for easy access to the call bell at all times.

The Bee Safe Clip improves patient, staff and visitor satisfaction by demonstrating positive actions to help patients call for assistance. It also decreases mistaken calls to the nurses’ station when a patient lays or turns over onto the call bell.

The Bee Safe Clip helps to meet the National Standards of Universal Safety Precautions.

Organizes and holds the following medical lines and tubing: Nasogastric, oral suction, foleys, IV lines, telemetry, wound vacs, telephone cords, scd/foot pump cords, chest tubes, feeding tubes, hemovac drains, oxygen tubing and other medical devices.

stainless steel fork safety clip with silicone tie
Stainless Steel Fork Clip
side view of Queen Bee safety clip with notch for IV or 02 tubing
bee safe safety clips with silicon ties
stainless steel fork safety clip dimensions
new queen bee safety clip beside our original yellow clip

NEW STYLE! Queen Bee Safety Clip beside our original yellow clip

Bee Safe Clip styles

new queen bee jumbo clips have a notch for IV or tubing

Queen Bee Clip side notches for IV or 02 tubing – does not occlude flow

queen bee safety clip holding call devices

More Uses for Bee Safe Clips!

Organize your space

Great for the beach

Helpful for travel

Hold your items in place on airplanes

Secure camping equipment

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We were so excited when our first baby arrived. It was very comforting to know my nurse call bell was secured by the Bee Safe Clip, and always within my reach.

Cone Health Women’s & Children’s Center at Moses Cone Hospital

Greensboro, NC

Beesafe Clip holding phone and remote cords securely on hospital bed rail

made in USA flag