Fall Statistics

  • Falls remain the leading cause of injury death for older adults
  • There are over 30,000 deaths from falls each year in the US, one every 29 minutes
  • Medical cost for fall related injuries are over $28 billion annually
  • Average added cost for an inpatient fall is $14,000, and not covered by insurance or Medicare
  • ALL medical facility patients are at risk of falling
  • Falls slow recovery time, cause pain, suffering, and limit quality of life
  • Research has shown that multi-interventional fall preventions measures can significantly decrease falls in homes and medical facilities

Top 3 Causes of Falls

  • Patient fell while toileting
  • Some medications increase risk of falling
  • Patient did not know, forgot, or chose not to use the Nurse Call Bell
Before and After examples of hospital bed, lines and tubing that are secured using Beesafe Clips

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